Positive Emotions

Positive emotions increase our awareness, attention, and memory. They serve as markers of flourishing, or optimal well being. 

Positive emotions are essentially those that are not self-centered. They are more outgoing and orientated towards others, though their positivity naturally includes ourselves. Positive emotions expand your focus of attention. They undo or counteract the harmful effects of negative emotions.

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions focus our awareness. They exist for a reason. They protect us, make us aware of dangers and let us know something is not working for us. We change when we feel something is wrong and making us unhappy and we can’t bear it any longer.

You need to shift your focus from the emotions themselves, to the problem you need to tackle. Negative emotions aren’t the problem. They simply point to the problem.

Too many negative emotions can make us feel overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, or stressed out. When negative emotions are out of balance, problems might seem too big to handle. Find the right balance between positive and negative emotions.



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