To feel like you can’t breath or that you’re choking can feel very terrifying for the person going through it. This is often times a symptom of anxiety. While there is no apparent reason why this choking feeling occurs (there’s nothing in your throat to cause a feeling of choking), you feel you have to or are forced to swallow, gag, or gasp for air because of some perceived blockage in your throat or airway. Repression and burial of emotions consumes lot of mental and physical energy and creates mental suffocation. Prolonged burial of emotions lowers the overall tempo and suffocates mind and ultimately lead to illness and speed up ageing process. Blocked emotions create mental suffocation, uneasiness, tiredness, fatigue, loss of energy and depression.

DurationShort and medium
Dimensions0x0x0 inches/cm
BrandNo air - no life
Life expectancyLess
MaterialCompressed energy
Fuel TypeLife circumstances
Safety WarningEscape


Feel trapped


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